Margaret F. I am a retired West Portal Lutheran principal. It was great working with Dinah Szander all those years. She is talented and makes all children feel gifted in some way.

Zoe H. Our first grader was being held back until Dinah came on the scene.  Now, Fiona’s principal is promoting her to the second grade as of the end of the school year just finished, so long as she stays at Tutoring by Mrs. “S.” 

Edward C.  We have a seventh grader being tutored by Dinah both in math and english.  Dinah knows the teachers.  She teaches Jessica to write using the guide that Mrs. “S” authored herself.  We appreciate Dinah’s giving complimentary homework upon request.

Lina T. I work at Claire Lilienthal, where my daughter Leanna is in eighth grade.   I have recommended Mrs. “S” to many parents, who now tell me they value her sincere, conscientious efforts almost as much as my husband and I do.

Susan J. We have a seventh grader for whom Mrs. “S” supplements the special education services department. Kelly’s teachers have attributed to Dinah’s efforts a significant improvement in Kelly’s keeping up with the class. During the school year, Mrs. “S” includes the school’s syllabuses in her preparation of lesson plans.  In the summer, she bases them on the final report card plus her ongoing assessments of Kelly’s skills.

Shinmi K. We have two daughters tutored by Dinah.  To get our Junghee ready for the big challenges of eighth grade, Mrs. “S” uses the writing guide she authored.  For example, one of the topics she had her write an essay on was how to take good class notes.  In this way, Dinah passes on her own excellent study habits. As for our fourth grader, Mrs. “S” somehow persuades her to read chapter books in the summer.  We also value Dinah’s complimentary written skills assessments and homework.

Kyoung-Ah K.  Our daughter Simone is a fourth grader with whom Dinah is patient when she refuses to learn her multiplication facts. Then, after tutoring, Dinah sends her home with multiplication games that Mrs. “S” has taken from California’s math reference book.

Remy E. I am the principal of St. Philip the Apostle, where Dinah has worked in the past. I keep her in our newsletter.

Milena P.  It is through the Principal’s Newsletter that I learned of Dinah.  I am pleased with her results, such as Matteo’s improved ability to organize his composition. He is encouraged by Dinah’s constructive and student-friendly teaching methods.  Matteo is always happy to go and see Mrs. “S,” even after a long day of school.  Dinah is also very flexible.  She integrates her academic program with school projects as a way to apply her lesson plans to real assignments, and she graciously accommodates our schedule changes. 

Stephanie M.  Dinah tutors our son Kaden in math.  She meets our goals of moving him to “above standard,” and of keeping him sharp in the summer. She is able to engage with the student and to make learning interesting and fun.

Tina T. Our David is an eighth grader at our Lady of Visitacion.  Math was a problem since the fourth grade until Dinah came on the scene in middle school.  In the summer, Dinah gives her own homework.  She buys her own set of the school’s books to use in part in writing her lesson plans.

Terry Y. We have a second grader at St. Monica tutored by Dinah two days a week.  Before Mrs. “S” began tutoring Chamy, his full time teacher reported that he was “very talkative, and has difficulty paying attention, even to the point where he cannot answer questions.” Mrs. “S” somehow gets him to do so. He thinks tutoring is fun.

Grace W.  We have Dinah preparing Victor for Lincoln High School’s advanced placement. The guide that she authored has been of great help in improving his composition skills.  Learning to write essays requires a one-on-one tutor who uses a personalized, non-computer-driven syllabus, which is Dinah’s teaching method.

Jimmy P.  We have a Westmoor High School daughter and son at Tutoring by Mrs. “S.”  She improves their writing skills by teaching language arts and essay writing in the context of classic literature. What’s more, Dinah’s guide has a list of over 50 essay topics, a number guaranteed to afford a few ones appealing to any student’s interests.    

Sandy C. Our fifth grader at Monroe receives special education services, and we think it is cute that she goes around recommending Dinah. 

Viviana S.  Our daughter Natalie is at Lakeshore. Dinah has tutored her for many years and will always be the teacher of our family’s heart.

Alice H. Our daughter Rachel was taught by Mrs. Szander both at West Portal Lutheran and at Tutoring by Mrs. “S.”  Rachel is an outstanding eleventh grader now, and Dinah attends her dance performances with me.

Suzi E. Our middle school daughter Melanie was thrilled when Dinah, after Kaplan closed here, opened her “Mrs. S” business.  She wrote Dinah a letter saying how happy she was to have her as a tutor again, which Mrs. “S” had framed for her tutoring center, which is in a neighborhood in which we all feel safe.

Lucy C. I am a pediatrician and next-door neighbor of Dinah. I admire her for passing along to kids her A+ study skills and love of learning, even though she is “technically” retired.

Dottie B. For about ten years, I taught at West Portal Lutheran with Dinah, whom the kids call Mrs. "S," to keep from mispronouncing her name. She did her best to create the fun learning environment in which kids excel. For example, although she was a sixth grade teacher, Dinah wrote and directed short plays for all of the grades to perform.

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